Stretto Duo


The musical environment conferred by the accordion and cello, by two musicians with extensive experience in the artistic field, leads to an unusual sound atmosphere. Addressing an entirely original repertoire for the duo, the proposed recital undoubtedly has great timbre richness, combining an intense artistic complicity evident in the performance of the two performers.

Paulo Jorge Ferreira - Accordion
Catherine Strynckx - Cello

In Croce – Sofia Gubaidulina
Hymns – Ilkka Kuusisto
Intermezzo – Isang Yung
Escape – Patrick Busseuil
Capriccio – Helmut Degen
Three Dances – Heikki Valpola
Introduction und Allegro – Matyas Seiber
Drei Tanzszenen – Christoph Keller
Vivencias-Tango – Javier López Jaso
Itzalak Dantzan – Josune Otxotorena
Dream Garden – Mikhali Bronner
Touch – Paulo Jorge Ferreira

ESCAPE - debut album

Fotografia: LOUISA ROCHA @lui_photography_rules (Instagram)


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