"Paulo Jorge Ferreira's teaching prestige is indisputable proof of his disciplined and coherent approach to in-depth research - both technical and musical - of the accordion. This recent CD by Paulo Jorge Ferreira (contemporary works for accordion) is yet another conclusive demonstration of the proverbial interpretive excellence of his already long career. Many good bodings for its protagonist"

Alejandro Erlich Oliva, Gulbenkian's Orchestra soloist double bass player (1976 to 2010), Novembro 2020

“In the same way that pianist-composers have marked the path for decades to explore the piano's own sound for musical creation, accordionist-composers like Paulo Jorge Ferreira himself have full responsibility for expanding the accordion's repertoire”.

Teresa Cascudo, musicologist (2019)

“The excellent performance of Remix Ensemble, directed by Peter Rundel, made it possible to register a reference interpretation of this work, which also had the collaboration of accordionist Paulo Jorge Ferreira.”

About “Inquieta Limina”, work by Luca Francesconi, included in a disc dedicated to the composer – Casa da Música Live Recordings

Ípsilon Newspaper, 13 February 2015

"... a remarkable accordionist anywhere in the world. Paulo Jorge Ferreira has always added to his brilliant performance technique a truly extraordinary interpreter intelligence. Everything indicates that he will become, over time and experience, one of the most important portuguese composers of his generation.”

António Victorino D’Almeida, pianist and composer (2008)

“Paulo Jorge Ferreira has recorded a very nice collection of pieces, both original and transcribed, for the accordion, an instrument for wich he obviously has a great feeling! The music is interesting and quit well performed; it provides many different sounds and styles for the player to exhibit his technical and musical aptitude as well as the instrument’s great possibilities. Indeed, his technique is very clean and accurate in both hands and is captured well by the recording technicians of this cd, something not always so apparent in the studio! Paulo Jorge Ferreira also shows his own gifts for arranging and composing for the accordion. For me, well, I have my favorite pieces but you will need to listen for yourself and select your own! The cd is worth your time and expense to take this “Percursos” (Journey). You will enjoy it.”

About solo CD “Percursos” - Prof. Joan Sammers (President of Accordionists and Teachers Guild International)

"O Paulo Jorge falava do acordeão como se se tratasse de um filho nascido no meio de uma revolução"

notas de programa CD “Percursos”, Carlos Semedo

“…here the accordion of Paulo Jorge Ferreira shone, in a modulated and insinuating voice, which proved to be the most genuine language of syncopated and slippery music, made of caress and anger, of passion.”

Concert “Música de um Sem-Abrigo” Teatro Rivoli, Porto
Performers: Maria João Pires (piano) e Paulo Jorge Ferreira (accordion)

Público Newspaper / Fernando C. Lapa, 28 December 2000

“A young artist, on the television program «Ouvir e Falar » by Maestro António Victorino d’Almeida. A real revelation. He presented himself to the contest with a piece of great difficulty and responsibility. He took strange, beautiful sounds from his accordion. And he left behind a trail of sympathy, of simplicity.”

“TV Mais” Magazine - 9 October 1993

"Paulo Jorge Ferreira's audition was undoubtedly something out of the ordinary, as we had never heard an accordionist of his category in concert with a careful selection of works of the classical genre."

Ocho Columnas – Cultura / Ana Delia Sarrazin - Guadalajara October 1990 (Mexico)