Violin and Accordion Duo


 A concert whose motto is improbability and innovation: a violin and accordion duet. The presentation of a couple willing to challenge formal barriers and encourage the listener to overcome the limits of their imagination.
The repertoire is modern and innovative when compared to other traditional duets, but not less serious, even more vibrant and dynamic. Only composers born after the end of World War II and originating in Central and Eastern Europe are interpreted - a journey that crosses the origins of accordion and conventional classical music, creating a creative moment appropriate to modern times.
The range of improbabilities ends with the interpreters themselves. Two different generations come together on the stage, combining experience and joviality simultaneously: accordionist Paulo Jorge Ferreira and violinist André Gaio Pereira, named Young Musician of the Year 2017.

André Gaio Pereira - Violin
Paulo Jorge Ferreira - Accordion

Sonata for violin and accordion - Maciej Zimka   
Bird's Eye View - Chiel Meijering  
Sea Landscape - Sergey Berinsky   
Sonata for violin and accordion - Mikolaj Majkusiak
Humoresque - Barbara Kaszuba 
Chain - Sławomir Kaczorowski
Tango metamorphosen - Friedemann Amadeus Treiber

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