Damian Duo


Paulo Jorge Ferreira and Pedro Santos are two accordionists who perform as a duo, promoting the accordion in the concert aspect. The nobility of this instrument is highlighted by the mastery and virtuosity of these two performers who reveal great musical skills, acquired by the wide professional activity, either solo, chamber music and orchestra. Duo Damian presents a repertoire that constitutes a journey through time, from the baroque, through the romantic, to the composers of our day, focusing mainly on works originally written for this formation. The quality combined with the interpretative spontaneity shown by this duo, leads to a notorious and interesting involvement with the public.

Paulo Jorge Ferreira and Pedro Santos - Accordion duo

Tarantella - Vaclav Trojan
Tokkata - Bogdan Precz
Rondo Capriccioso - Vladislav Zolotaryov
Ballad - Torbjörn Lundquist
Infinito Grego - Paulo Jorge Ferreira
Suite Portuguesa nº1 - Ruy Coelho
In the feel is Byerozka - Anatoly Surkov
Nightclub 1960 - Astor Piazzolla
Dança Húngara nº4 - J.Brahms
Pequena Serenata Nocturna KV 525 - W.A.Mozart


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