ARTclac Duo


"Sopro dos Botões" is a presentation program for this duo made up of two artists with enormous experience in extremely diverse contexts. This proposal embodies, in good measure, the vision of discovering new worlds. From "Fado" to improvised music, through contemporary languages ​​and one of the very important facets of this group, its own production. Paulo Jorge Ferreira is also a composer and arranger and one of the works was written specifically for this duo. One of the central characteristics of this program is its versatility and suitability for many different situations, from the traditional recital to integration in larger exhibitions.

Paulo Jorge Ferreira - Accordion
Carlos Alves - Clarinet

Jakten – Hakon Berge
Nuances a 2 – Paulo Jorge Ferreira
Sonate – Wolfgang Hofmann
…para acordeão e clarinete – Rainer Glen Buschmann 
Version – Werner Richter
Modus – Bronislaw Przybylski
Ouvir Lisboa (recriação de fados alusivos a Lisboa) – Paulo Jorge Ferreira 
New York Tango  – Richard Galliano (adapt.: P.J.Ferreira) 


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