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Paulo Jorge Ferreira was born in Lisbon. Along his musical learning he attended seminaries directed by some of the most prestigious contemporary accordionists. His accordion superior course was finished in the Castelo Branco Superior School of Applied Arts, where later it was attributed, before public test, a specialist title in Accordion/Performer.

He has performed solo and chamber music concerts, both national and internationally, namely in France, Mexico, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Macau, Spain, Hungary, Holland and Germany, playing with highly honoured portuguese and foreign musicians. During his career he has performed in some of the most important European concert halls like the Musik Werein, Muziekgebouw, De Single, Odéon Theatre de L’Europe, Teátrum House of Future, Berliner Philarmoniker, among others. He also has participated as an instrumentist in several accordion solo, chamber music, ensemble and orchestra premières. He works regularly with portuguese composers, encouraging the creation of a new portuguese accordion repertoire.

He has been invited as a guest musician by symphony and chamber orchestras, for example, Beijin Orchestra, Gulbenkian Orchestra, Portuguese Symphony Orchestra, Porto Symphonic Orchestra Casa da Música, Lisboa Sinfonieta, Utopica Orchestra, Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra, Remix Ensemble, Ensemble Darcos and as a soloist with Esart Ensemble, Remix Ensemble, Cascais and Oeiras Chamber Orchestra, National Conservatory Symphony Orchestra and Symphonic Portuguese Band, working along with famous international conductors, as Stefan Asbury, Jürgen Hempel, Lawrence Foster, Peter Rundel, Martin André, Emílio Pomarico, Carl St. Clair, Peter Eötvös. He collaborates in a regular basis with Remix Ensemble, the Gulbenkian Orchestra and Porto Symphonic Orchestra Casa da Música.

With Pedro Santos he has an accordion duo (Duo Damian), with Carlos Alves one of accordion and clarinet (Artclac), with Catherine Strynckx one of accordion and violoncello (Stretto Duo), with Ana Ester Neves (soprano) a duo of accordion and voice, and a quintet with a string quartet.

Along his musical carrier Paulo Jorge has been participating in several discographic recordings, radio and television programs. He recorded two solo cd’s, “Percursos” edited by the label “Numérica” and “Contemporary Works for Accordion” included in CalandaMusic catalog.


Paulo Jorge Ferreira has recorded a very nice collection of pieces, both original and transcribed, for the accordion, an instrument for which he obviously has a great feeling! The music is interesting and quite well performed; it provides many different sounds and styles for the player to exhibit his technical and musical aptitude as well as the instrument’s great possibilities. Indeed, his technique is very clean and accurate in both hands and is captured well by the recording technicians of this CD, something not always so apparent in the studio! Paulo Jorge Ferreira also shows his own gifts for arranging and composing for the accordion. For me, well, I have my favorite pieces but you will need to listen for yourself and select your own! The CD is worth your time and expense to take this Percursos (journey). You will enjoy it.

Prof. Joan Sommers

President of Accordionists and Teachers Guild International

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Contemporary Works for Accordion
Ferreira, Koch, Tomchin, Pushkarenko
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Ferreira, Piazzolla, Matono, Vlasov, kölz, Surkov


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